our history

We are the Patti’s and our history starts with God, the Creator of the World, ordaining all our steps, starting with our grandparents Joe and Anna Patti. Their vision was great and was beyond just selling seafood from their front porch, but buying their own seafood building which is where it is now. Our grandparents had six children, our father being the last, Gerard Patti. He worked along side his dad and brothers; fishing, shrimping, shaving ice, stocking inventory, whatever needed to be done, he did it. As the business grew, our grandfather asked our dad to take over and run West Florida Seafood and American Seafood but on the side my dad started two seafood markets of his own on Nine Mile Road, called Gulf Coast Fresh Seafood. Our motto is to make sure every customer leaves with a smile and the best seafood in their hands. We will never sell our customers a product, that we would not eat ourselves. Our family has been in business since 1931, and continuing to thrive but never losing the purpose of why we our here and that is because of God!